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Vice President, Greg Marcum


  President, Jean Krupa

Jean Krupa



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Bobby Wiech

Monica Wiech, Membership Coordinator


Denny Bolling, Hospitality

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Henry Eure, Video Librarian and Chapter Dance DJ


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USA Dance, Inc. is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to providing ballroom dancing programs for the enjoyment and benefit of the general public regardless of experience, age, race and physical ability.

Our primary mission is to promote ballroom dancing as a fun, healthy, recreational activity and as a competitive sport known as DanceSport. We strive to encourage, educate and inform the general public and our members to improve their dancing skills by providing dance lessons during our low cost dances held twice monthly and at other dance-related events, including our weekly chapter-sponsored beginning and intermediate dance lessons and practice sessions.

Our chapter dances are smoke-free and alcohol free.

History of the Greater Daytona Chapter - In the beginning . . .

Prior to forming a USABDA chapter (now USA Dance, Inc.) in the greater Daytona area, some local dancers got together and formed the Daytona Ballroom Dance Association in 1991. They were Jean Krupa, Bruce Remsburg, Carolyn Sparr Timmins, Richard Young, Dorice Soroka, Teri Heath, Flo and Patty Tugas, Robert and Joslyn Wilson. The dances were held at Sica Hall in Holly Hill.

The Greater Daytona Chapter of USABDA was formed and became a certified chapter on September 18, 1993. The first chapter president was Seymour Weiner, a retired physician. Carolyn Sparr Timmins was Vice President; Carol Thornton was secretary; and sister Ann Duffy
was treasurer. Shortly after the formation of the USABDA chapter, the Daytona Ballroom Dance Association was discontinued, since each organization was composed of the same members.

In early 1998, the Greater Daytona Chapter started holding two dances per month, one at Sica Hall and the other at Daytona Beach City Island Recreation Center. Since that time, we hosted two dances per month at City Island, until April 2012 when, due to our growth, we re-located our dances to Silver Sands Middle School.

After moving to City Island in 1998, it is interesting to note, that admission rates for members were raised by one dollar and had remained the same for many years. However, effective January 1, 2011, non-member admission to our dances increased to $10 per person. The member rate of $10 still makes the cost of membership, $35 (as of July 1, 2015) for 12 months for a social dancer, a real bargain, compared to the $15. non-member rate.

Membership and attendance at the dances have grown substantially. We now boast approximately 300 members making us the largest chapter in Florida, and one of the fastest growing chapters of the approximately 150 chapters in the nation.

We moved our dances to a new facility which opened August 31, 2013, with room for more than 250 dancers. Gold Star Ballroom is conveniently located off of US1 at 3100 S. Ridgewood Avenue (use 3090 S. Ridgewood as the GPS address), South Daytona, Florida, a few miles south of Daytona Beach. The building sits 500 feet west of US1, down Venture Drive; it is well lit and there is ample parking and large, clean restrooms. Gold Star is an 8,000 sq.ft. facility with a 4200 sq. ft. floating bamboo dance floor and seating at tables on comfortable chairs for over 200 people. Excellent cooling system, great sound system and beautiful ambiance.  (The tables and chairs are NOT on the dance floor.) Due to the quality of this venue, the price of admission was increased to $10 for members and $15 for non-members. We have also changed to a computerized deejay system, supplying attendees with a playlist of the songs for the evening. In addition to the price of admission which includes a complimentary one-hour dance lessons.

Our programs are sponsored in part by the Cultural Council of Volusia County.

Our chapter dances offer coffee, de-caf, water and soft drinks for $2 each. Snacks are no charge.

Our programs are sponsored in part by the Cultural Council of Volusia County.

Thank you.